Some of my finds over the years

I took a trip overseas, I got a hit and found a watch band buckle. I put in in my pouch and then had a huge hit on my Excal. Carefully I scooped it up and to my surprise was a $4200 Breitling Dive watch. Beach metal detecting the Treasure Coast of Florida.

This was a 14K 42 gram chain that I found on the same trip while metal detecting. Beach Metal detecting is my favorite thing to do.

Garry Mueller

I started metal detecting December of 2013. I have been detecting  6 years and must say that this hobby is the best thing I have ever found. I like  to tell people that its like having a birthday party everyday and you never know what your present is going to be.

I have traveled overseas on 6 occasions to detect and usually spend a week detecting from Sunrise to Sunset.  I do this here in the states too.  Most people would say that is a little crazy considering I am 67 years old. 

My favorite thing to do is water detect but I also detect in the dry and wet sand. If you are just starting this hobby i would encourage you to stay with it. Dig all those pull tabs and have lots of patience You will find that this can be the hobby of your life. I have never found anything that will challenge you, help you make friends, give you great exercise and pay you for doing it.  So get out there and go detecting. You will be glad that you did. 

Metal Detecting The Treasure Coast Of Florida And Loving It